[PyKDE] Final Update on New Build Process

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Thu Jun 20 21:05:01 BST 2002

Soeren Fietzke wrote:

> Thanks Phil, this really looks like huge improvement :)
> Just one small issue I noticed with ActiveState Python 2.1: on Windows, 'nmake install' copies files to the directory sys.prefix +
> '/lib/site-packages'. This is where Python on MacOS would search, under Windows it is only sys.prefix.
> The easy solution is a file with extension .pth in the main python directory (sys.prefix) with just one line:
> lib/site-packages
> "import qt" works nicely then.
> So in the generated makefile, an additional line to write that file would help:
> ...
> install:
>     -echo lib/site-packages > d:\Python21\pyqt.pth
>     -copy /y qt.py D:\Python21\Lib\site-packages
>     -copy /y qt.pyc D:\Python21\Lib\site-packages
>     -del D:\Python21\Lib\site-packages\libqtc.lib
>     -del D:\Python21\Lib\site-packages\libqtc.exp
> Perhaps locations are different with Python 2.2?!? Have not checked yet...

They are. I've changed it so that it doesn't try to use site-packages 
prior to v2.2 under Windows.


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