[PyKDE] exec_loop blocking problem under Windows

Phil Thompson phil at river-bank.demon.co.uk
Sat Jun 22 00:23:00 BST 2002

Tuvi, Selim wrote:

> Hi all, I am new to Python, QT and PyQt so bear with me please.
> I noticed that when running a script when exec_loop is executed the Python interpreter blocks (ie. doesn't execute the subsequent commands). Is this the default behaviour on all platforms or is it something specific to Windows?
> What I'd like to have is run exec_loop in a python thread and do other processing in my script? Is this possible with the current PyQt release? We are currently using QT 3.0.4 and Python 2.2.1 under Windows 2000.

The "right" way to do it with PyQt is to use the Qt thread classes. Look 
at the semaphore.py example script.


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