[PyKDE] cvs unreachable and some 3.1pre4 win32 observations

Hogendoorn, Rene r.hogendoorn at hitt.nl
Mon Mar 4 09:45:45 GMT 2002

I have finally succeeded in compiling PyQt 3.1pre4 (or rather the cvs
version just after that version, see below) for win32.
Some observations

- At the moment, cvs is unreachable; I get "/public, directory does not
exist" when I do a cvs update or cvs get
- I had to pull PyQt from cvs and generate the win32-msvc makefiles; they
were not contained in the snapshot.
- The win32-msvc makefile of pyuic is not generated automatically
- The option "-DQT_DLL" needs to be added to CXXFLAGS for all compilations;
otherwise you get unresolved references during linking.
- In file sipqtQTablevent.cpp in function sipNew_QTablevent: the vc6
compiler cannot handle the "delete" of "const QPair<int,int> *".
  I had to apply a cast to "QPair<int,int> *", i.e. line 462: delete
(QPair<int,int> *)a5 instead of delete a5 and the same at line 482 for a6
- qt.py, qtcanvas.py, qtnetwork.py, qttable.py, qtsql.py, qtxml.py and
qtgl.py all contain an "import siplib". This fails. I could not
  figure out the use of this and everything seems to work without the

René Hogendoorn

HITT Holland Institute of Traffic Technology B.V.
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Tel.( +31) 55 543 2594, 
Fax. (+31) 55 543 2553.  
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