[PyKDE] Can anyone build PyQt on windows?

brk at jenkon.com brk at jenkon.com
Thu Mar 21 22:29:30 GMT 2002

I just built it today for 3.0.2 on NT with MSVC++ 6. I don't know anything
about a build.py, I followed the directions in INSTALL.win32 in the sip and
PyQt distributions. Linking the Qt module took me, oh, around half an hour,
maybe? I wasn't really paying attention, but it took a long time. I had to
edit the makefile in the sip distribution because it was pointing to the
wrong qt lib, but the ones in the PyQt distro were fine.


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> Greetings
> 	Has anyone ever been able to build PyQt on windows?  From what I can
> tell is 
> it never has been done for Qt 3.0.2 and Python 2.1.1.  Qt installed by the
> TT 
> installer and Python by the installsheild installer.
> 	I tried to play with the build.py script, that fails miserably
> looking for 
> directories that do not exist.  When I try to follow the limited
> instructions 
> I am forced to hack the Makefiles pretty bad.  They do not even include
> link 
> arguments to python21.lib.  Either way I get it to compile the Qt module
> but 
> it never links, it just sits there and spins its wheels for a few hours.
> 	Is there anyone out there who has gotten this to build?
> Thanks
> 	-ian reinhart geiser
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