[PyKDE] PyKDE 3.11.2 snapshot

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sun Aug 15 23:03:41 BST 2004

I've mailed Phil the tarball for the latest PyKDE-3.11 snapshot. Since it's 
around midnight in the UK, it may not be available at 
riverbankcomputing.co.uk for a day or two.

This isn't a complete release. I haven't updated the docs or fully backtested 
it. It does include all of the new classes/methods for KDE3.3.0beta2 and 
includes a new kutils module. I haven't been updating the kjs module, and 
unless someone complains, it will probably be dropped in the final release.

So far all I've tested (both on SuSE 9.1) is:

KDE 3.2.1           sip 3.10.2   PyQt 3.12
KDE3.3.0beta2   sip 4.0.1     PyQt 3.12

I went back through the mailing list for the past several months, and I 
believe I've picked up all the bug reports. If you reported a bug on PyKDE 
3.11.1, you might want to test this snapshot to make sure I've fixed it.

This should also build against KDE 3.3.0 when it's finally released, which 
should be soon. I don't expect many changes from beta2, but would still 
prefer to check it out before doing the final release.

I had intended to add a kspell2 module as well, but it seems to have 
disappeared from kdelibs between beta1 and beta2. If it reappears, it's very 
little work to add it.


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