[PyKDE] Re: khtml/kparts segfault on keyPressEvent

Garett Shulman shulmang at colorado.edu
Mon Aug 16 03:21:38 BST 2004

Hello, I noticed this thread from december and was wondering if there 
was any update. I am experienceing this problem. If I import khtml and 
have keyPressEvent redefined I get a segfault when I hit a key. I even 
get a segrault with the following code:

class IconView(kdeui.KIconView):
    def __init__(self, *args):
       apply(kdeui.KIconView.__init__, (self, ) + args)
    def keyPressEvent(self, ev):

Is there a work around, or any progress being made on this bug? Thanks a 
lot. BTW, PyQt and PyKDE are AWSOME! Thanks!

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