[PyKDE] Re: khtml/kparts segfault on keyPressEvent

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Mon Aug 16 04:25:51 BST 2004

On Sunday 15 August 2004 19:21, Garett Shulman wrote:
> Hello, I noticed this thread from december and was wondering if there
> was any update. I am experienceing this problem. If I import khtml and
> have keyPressEvent redefined I get a segfault when I hit a key. I even
> get a segrault with the following code:
> class IconView(kdeui.KIconView):
>     def __init__(self, *args):
>        apply(kdeui.KIconView.__init__, (self, ) + args)
>     def keyPressEvent(self, ev):
>        pass
> Is there a work around, or any progress being made on this bug? Thanks a
> lot. BTW, PyQt and PyKDE are AWSOME! Thanks!

I think this was resolved about a month ago when someone else brought it up 
again. Previous message:

In sip/kparts/event.sip, comment out the ConvertToSubClassCode block as shown 
below and recompile kparts (python configure.py -lkparts && make && su 
-c"make install"). Works for me.

khtml (and the new kmdi module) would have the same problem because they both 
depend on kparts. The only thing this change affects is "typecasting" of 
KParts::Event subclasses - for example if a factory function creates a 
KParts::GUIActivate even but returns KParts::Event, there is no way in Python 
to "up-cast" to the subclass type (except via the commented out block).

I expect the "sipClass=NULL" stmt is causing the problem, but I'll have to 
look into what to replace it with. I don't expect commenting this stuff out 
will affect many people (if anybody), so I probably won't give it a high 
priority unless someone has a problem with it. 

(Code below)

I just checked, and the snapshot I just sent off to Phil has this fix, so you 
can either modify the code you have or download the snapshot in a day or two 
from riverbankcomputing.co.uk.

I apparently did test this (I've been off working on other stuff so I really 
don't recall), but let me know if it doesn't work and I'll spend some more 
time on it.



class Event : QCustomEvent
#include <event.h>

                         Event (const char*);
    virtual const char*  eventName () const;
    static bool          test (const QEvent*);
    static bool          test (const QEvent*, const char*);

//    const QString ev = ((KParts::Event *)sipCpp) -> eventName ();
//    if (ev == "KParts/GUIActivate")
//        sipClass = sipClass_KParts_GUIActivateEvent;
//    else if (ev == "KParts/PartActivateEvent")
//        sipClass = sipClass_KParts_PartActivateEvent;
//    else if (ev == "KParts/PartSelectEvent")
//        sipClass = sipClass_KParts_PartSelectEvent;
//    else
//        sipClass = NULL;

};  // class Event

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