[PyKDE] QScintilla bug and workaround

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Fri Aug 20 09:33:44 BST 2004

Hello Phil, hello list,

I have encounterd a problem with QScintilla on win32. The German keyboard
layout uses a key called AltGr to produce chars like {[]}\ and so on, which
are often needed for programming. On Windows, AltGr has the mask
Qt.ControlButton | Qt.AltButton, on Unix it is Qt.MetaButton. QScintilla
(the latest version, included in the PyQt eval download (Thanks Phil!) used
with Qt/Win32 3.3.3) does not consider this and makes programming virtually
impossible. I have written a workaround which simply translates the first
mask to the second one (I'll send a patch to Detlev Offenbach, too). I
attached a script demonstrating the workaround, although I fear that only
very few people can check it (given the environment the bug occurs in).



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