[PyKDE] Singleshot problems in QThreads on Windows.

Truls A. Tangstad kerfue+pykde at herocamp.org
Fri Aug 20 10:59:50 BST 2004

We're distributing a cross-platform application and having problems
with QTimer.singleShot on windows.

It seems that using QTimer from a QThread doesn't work, the callback
is never run.

The attached example shows the problem. On debian/linux both printing
callbacks are run, but on windows only the first non-threaded one is

Please let me know if I'm missing any restrictions on PyQt, threads,
QTimer etc., or if the problem is with my code.

Python 2.3.4
Qt 3.3.3
Windows XP Pro SP1

Truls A. Tangstad - <kerfue+pykde at h e r o c a m p.org>
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