[PyKDE] PyKDE 3.11.2 release

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Aug 21 03:25:35 BST 2004

I'm just finishing testing PyKDE 3.11.2 on KDE 3.0.x/KDE3.1.x and should have 
a release ready tonight or tomorrow. Still need to regenerate the docs too, 
but that shouldn't take long.

PyKDE 3.11.2 supports KDE 3.3.0. For people using older versions of KDE, the 
only change is restoring KUniqueApplication (which I managed to not include 
in some releases), and a few minor bug fixes. If you haven't had problems, 
there probably isn't a need to upgrade.

I've already tested against KDE 3.3.0 (KDE 3.2.x) and it seems to work fine. 
kspell2 is now back in KDE (it was missing on the beta2 stuff I downloaded), 
but I haven't "reactivated" that module - I'd rather get the release out now 
and add it later, although it isn't a lot of work. Mostly I need to figure 
out which files are in kde3/include so you can build it without having to 
download the kdelibs source.

Keep an eye here or riverbankcomputing.co.uk - should be up tomorrow at the 
earliest or Monday at the very latest.


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