[PyKDE] How to install QScintilla 1.4

Jared Thirsk jthirsk at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 24 16:48:25 GMT 2004

On December 24, 2004 12:40 am, Parzival Herzog wrote:
> I am trying to install eric3.5.1, it complains:
> "Sorry, you must have QScintilla 1.4 or snapshot-20041001 or
> higher."

 On Gentoo, I see this as well.  Eric 3.5.1 fails near the beginning 
of the build process with the error you mention, and proceeds to 
think it has installed itself (not a good thing!)  So I manually 
masked 3.5.1 and Gentoo succeeded in compiling and installing 3.5.0 
for me.

 I am using qscintilla-1.61 and pyqt 3.13 and pykde-3.11.3 (which was 
hacked for KDE 3.3.2).


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