[PyKDE] Intro + question on where to stick finger

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at rogers.com
Fri Jun 25 21:20:00 BST 2004

Mike C. Fletcher wrote:

>>> * drag-and-drop -- as with single-instance operation, when I drag a 
>>> file from Konquerer onto my IDE, I want it to open the
>>> file.  I assume this will be a fairly trivial task once I figure out
>>> KDE's model for D&D.
>> That part is still on the todo list.
I have a crude implementation of drag-and-drop of files from Konquerer 
now.  It's not particularly fancy, and I don't have Eric on Win32 to 
test there.  The biggest concern I have, however, is the parsing of the 
text/uri-list data-type, which *appears* to be a \000 seperated list of 
uri-escaped strings with \r\n appended to the entries, but that's just 
reverse engineered from what Konquerer was giving me when I dropped 
files on the app.  uri-list is AFAICS the only generic, but 
file-specific, data-type being reported by Konquerer.

There's nothing I'm doing to override the drag-and-drop into, for 
instance, text-editing windows, so they still have the (less than 
particularly useful IMO) response of just embedding the filename in the 
text being edited.  I would imagine that checking for text/uri-list and 
using that for file-drag-and-drop instead of text-drag-and-drop would be 
preferable, but it's not actually an issue for me at the moment (I can 
just drop onto the main-window).

Probably should check for valid files during dragEnterEvent and only 
accept if we really can handle the result.  Should also be checking that 
we're doing copy, not move.  Anyway, code is below if someone else wants 
to play with it in the meantime.

Any feedback on making the code fit into Eric would be useful as well.

Have fun all,

class UserInterface(QMainWindow):
    def __init__(self, loc, splash):

    def dragEnterEvent( self, event ):
        Handler for drag-and-drop entry into the window
        if event.provides( 'text/uri-list' ):
    def dropEvent( self, event ):
        Handler for drag-and-drop completion on the window
        import traceback, urllib
        data = event.encodedData( 'text/uri-list' )
        files = [ file.replace( '\r\n', '') for file in 
data.data().split( '\000' ) if file ]
        for file in files:
            if file.startswith( 'file:' ):
                file = file[5:]
                file = urllib.unquote( file )
                if os.path.isfile( file ):
                    self.viewmanager.handlePythonFile( file )
                    print 'NOT A FILE', file
            except Exception, err:

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