[PyKDE] Eric3 Projects

James Thompson jamest at ajrs.com
Thu Aug 25 14:36:32 BST 2005

I'm interested in using eric3 to aide in refactoring our project but I'm not 
exactly sure how to go about setting it up.  Our project is broken into 
several subprojects with a directory structure like (in subversion)


each of these directories contains a src directory with several subdirs.  When 
installed our modules are along the lines


We have a custom install script for developers that allows us to run the 
applications from the svn checkout without requiring an install.

I would like to setup an eric project or projects then work on them like I can 
a netbeans project.  So I can rename methods and move things about and let 
the IDE keep the code in sync.  But currently with a project setup to 
gnue/gnue-forms/ for instance I get errors about not being able to find the 
code even if it's part of the gnue-forms/src dir.  So, is something like this 
possible with dir struture we have?  I imagine that worse case I could alter 
our developers install script to symlink the source trees together if nothing 
else.  But before I go that route I'd like to find out if there is something 
I'm missing.

Take Care,

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