[PyKDE] Deployment on Windows? > license compatible

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Wed Dec 7 12:59:06 GMT 2005

Ulrich Berning <ulrich.berning at desys.de> wrote:

>> What I think about doing is:
>> - Compile the pyQT modules statically into python
> Why do you want to do that? By protecting PyQt from beeing used by a
> generic interpreter, there is no need to build PyQt statically linked
> into Python.

One advantage is final size of the program. Under Windows, qt-mt335.dll has
almost 500Kb of export section. By compiling it within the python24.dll, you
save all that space. I tried also to compile a self-contained qt.pyd
containing the Qt code, but that wouldn't work because of weird ABI issues.
Giovanni Bajo

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