[PyKDE] Debugging in eric

malvert malvert at telenet.be
Sat Dec 17 09:44:59 GMT 2005

Although my initial testing by introducing a 'sys.breakpoint()' worked very 
well, i still have the following problem with multithreaded debugs.

If I enable in Preferences the 'Debug Client Type' as Multi Threaded, upon 
executing the  'sys.breakpoint()' statement I get:
The debugged program raised the exception unhandled AttributeError
"DebugThread instance has no attribute 'tracePython'"

Even placing the 'sys.breakpoint()' statement into the main thread, I no 
longer get a break with the usual yellow line marker as before, but I also 
get this same message.

With  'Debug Client Type' as Standard, the 'sys.breakpoint()' statement works 
in the main thread but causes a completely out of wack exception when placed 
in other threads.

I admit that I am not very knowledgeable on the mult threaded debug 
possibilities. Does there exist any litterature or manual on this?

Thank you very much.

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