[PyKDE] I'm missing Mails

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Dec 23 14:01:02 GMT 2005


apparently not only I'm missing them, the archive on lists.kde.org does
so too. Specifically there are 2 Mails sent by Phil Thompson and Detlev
Offenbach, which had my private mail address in the CC: and the list in
the To: but their messages did not show up (yet?) in the archive. I
already responded to both using CC: pykde and To: Phil/Detlev and those
2 answers from me are already in the archive.

Question is: Is that normal? Is something broken somewhere? Or do these
2 messages just take a long time to the list (Detlev's email arrived
here at 8:29 CET).


Your lucky number has been disconnected.

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