[PyKDE] QByteArray and unicode

Orcan Ogetbil orcan at psu.edu
Fri Dec 23 19:11:47 GMT 2005

using the following code, I can get the track title that's being played in 

import dcop

dcopclient = dcop.DCOPClient()
dcopclient.rc = dcop.DCOPRef("amarok", "player")

result = dcopclient.rc.call("title()")
title = result.data.data()

print title

The problem is, when the track title contains non-ascii characters, they are 
not displayed properly. 

The 'result' is a QByteArray object, 
'result.data.data()' is a ascii python string

How and where should I set the encoding to display the track title properly? 
(and how do I convert the QByteArray object to a unicode QString object?)

ps: Thx Jim, what you replied to my last email helped a lot!
Orcan Ogetbil <oogetbil at phys.psu.edu>
Physics Department
Penn State University
211 Osmond Lab

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