[PyKDE] Funding Qt4 port

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Tue Feb 8 10:51:54 GMT 2005

> While I don't know that Phil could commit to a definite timeline, I
> think we could all agree that helping him do the necessary work by
> chipping in with financial donations would expedite the process. The
> prospect of being able to provide Win32 releases of my GPL'd project
> leave me thrilled.

I appreciate the gesture. Some people might ask why a company that sells a
commercial version of PyQt might merit such support.

Riverbank is a one-man operation and is my only source of income. Income
comes from PyQt sales, Python consultancy and development (mostly PyQt
related), and Linux embedded systems development (usually for digital
television). PyQt sales alone aren't (quite) enough to sustain the
business. If you like, the embedded system work is used to top up the
income when needed - so I measure my success as to how much of this work I
need to do.

When it comes to a major piece of development I have to decide whether or
not to fund it myself (by taking a couple of months "holiday"), hope for
funding from an external source, or try and fit it into any spare time
(and so take much longer to do). Mechanical Dynamic helped with the origin
Windows development, PyQt 3 development was funded by Disney, SIP 4
development I funded myself.

I haven't yet decided how PyQt 4 will be funded. If another Disney were to
step up then it's a no-brainer, but that only happens (quite rightly) when
they have their own specific business requirement. Otherwise I need to
decide if I can afford to take a couple of months "holiday".

All this is leading up to me saying that, while donations are flattering
and an appreciated pat on the back, they are unlikely to make any
significant difference to when PyQt 4 would be released. I'd rather people
donated to Amnesty International.


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