[PyKDE] Funding Qt4 port

Knut Morten Johansson knutmj at online.no
Tue Feb 8 13:12:03 GMT 2005

On Tuesday 08 February 2005 11:51, Phil Thompson wrote:
> > While I don't know that Phil could commit to a definite timeline, I
> > think we could all agree that helping him do the necessary work by
> > chipping in with financial donations would expedite the process. The
> > prospect of being able to provide Win32 releases of my GPL'd project
> > leave me thrilled.

> All this is leading up to me saying that, while donations are flattering
> and an appreciated pat on the back, they are unlikely to make any
> significant difference to when PyQt 4 would be released. I'd rather people
> donated to Amnesty International.
Considering this, I tend to agree with Phil. But on the other hand if you are 
a corporation pick up the phone and hire him:-)

As for releasing GPL'd projects on Win32 this is already possible, using PyQt 
and the GPL port of Qt-X11 to windows. This is based on Qt 3, and my 
impresion is that it's already in a usable state. This has one major 
advantage as it works now, not like Qt 4 which is not even released. There 
was several post on how to get this working in the beginning of jan. , search 
the archives. 


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