[PyKDE] Funding Qt4 port

Doug Bell dougb at bellz.org
Tue Feb 8 14:41:11 GMT 2005

Knut Morten Johansson wrote:
> As for releasing GPL'd projects on Win32 this is already possible, using PyQt 
> and the GPL port of Qt-X11 to windows. This is based on Qt 3, and my 
> impresion is that it's already in a usable state. This has one major 
> advantage as it works now, not like Qt 4 which is not even released. There 
> was several post on how to get this working in the beginning of jan. , search 
> the archives. 

Whether it's usable depends on your application and your requirements.
Apps will run, but it's still a little too buggy for the
production-quality release of a complex application.  Some problems that
I noted were: broken printing, broken drag-and-drop, lack of widget
focus indicators, poor drawing of disabled buttons, and lack of busy
cursor display.

Just wanted people to know what they were getting into before spending
lots of time compiling.


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