[review] RE: [review] [PyKDE] can't make PyKDE

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Tue Jul 5 18:01:29 BST 2005

On Tuesday 05 July 2005 05:22, Витёк wrote:
> Jim Thank you for your response.
> First, I was updating SIP, PyQT, PyKDE. Second I try to make this. SIP,
> PyQT making successful.
> After this problem with my previous post solved, but new problem appear
> g++: internal error: Killed (program cc1plus)
> I think it is problem with my compiler.
> With best wishes Viktor.

One possible problem is the size of .cpp files PyKDE generates. For speed of 
compiling, all of the files in a module are concatenated into one huge file - 
the exception is kdeui, which is concatenated into two huge files, because 
the single file breaks gcc on my systems.

You can split the files into smaller chunks using  the -j switch (-j=N, where 
N >= 3) and still retain some of the speedup. Alternatively, you can turn off 
concatenation using the -i switch, which generates one cpp file for each .sip 
file, but the compile will be 4X to 5X longer.


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