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Wed Jul 6 09:05:42 BST 2005

First, Many Thanks for you Jim! Second all is ok! :).

Problem was solved with -i switch.

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On Tuesday 05 July 2005 05:22, Витёк wrote:
> Jim Thank you for your response.
> First, I was updating SIP, PyQT, PyKDE. Second I try to make this. SIP,
> PyQT making successful.
> After this problem with my previous post solved, but new problem appear
> g++: internal error: Killed (program cc1plus)
> I think it is problem with my compiler.
> With best wishes Viktor.

One possible problem is the size of .cpp files PyKDE generates. For speed of

compiling, all of the files in a module are concatenated into one huge file
the exception is kdeui, which is concatenated into two huge files, because 
the single file breaks gcc on my systems.

You can split the files into smaller chunks using  the -j switch (-j=N,
N >= 3) and still retain some of the speedup. Alternatively, you can turn
concatenation using the -i switch, which generates one cpp file for each
file, but the compile will be 4X to 5X longer.


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