[PyKDE] where is logconf.py?

Paul Elliott pelliott at io.com
Tue Jul 12 17:51:17 BST 2005

Hello, I am trying to learn python and eric, so I will
probably be asking some dumb questions for a while....

I am trying to figure out logging. In


it refers to something called the GUI configurator, logconf.py.

But I can not find it in my 2.4 python distribution, even
though it has logging.config.

Has this program been replaced by another program?

Where do I get this functionality for 2.4. Thank You.

Paul Elliott                       1(512)837-1096
pelliott at io.com                    PMB 181, 11900 Metric Blvd Suite J
http://www.io.com/~pelliott/pme/   Austin TX 78758-3117
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