[PyKDE] Eric3 debugging issues

Suleyman Karabuk suleyman_karabuk at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 16 02:45:05 BST 2005

I seem to run into a bug in the python debugger. I
observed the following:

I have two supporting modules in two .py files and a
main module. I define all my classes in the supporting
modules then import  them into the main one by import
module_name - standard stuff.

I use __slots__ in most of my classes.

1) In main I create an instance of a class and set a
reference to it then set values to its properties.
When the debugger executes all I can see is the object
reference - its type accurately identified. However
the debug browser does not show any of the properties.

2) I have a complicated (nested) class derived from a
list type with each element being another list derived
class and yet there is another reference to a list
within. The program which populates this object
executes. The debug browser shows the reference
accurately and it shows elements two levels deep but
the last level in the nested structure does not show
accurately. When I insist on seeing it  eric throws an
exception saying the following and the debugger

<The debugged program raised the exception unhandled
TypeError "unindexable object">

The object that should be there is actually indexable
but the debugger picks a different pointer (I guess

Komodo and Wingide both show the contents of the
object without any problems and the code works fine

I tried to debug it inside a project and standalone
and with setting standalone application option and
without and observed the same behavior.

Any insights ??

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