[PyKDE] branching, PyKDE major versions

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Wed Jul 20 13:06:38 BST 2005

> On Wednesday 20 July 2005 08:28, Phil Thompson wrote:
>> The biggest bottleneck for PyQt4 is pyuic4.
> <snip>
>> On
>> the other hand this is something that is self-contained and (apart from
>> actually being able to execute the generated code) independent of the
>> rest
>> of PyQt4 development. So it's something that somebody else could run
>> with
>> quite easily.
> What is the best route for doing this?
> Does it make sense to have a PyQt4-minus-pyuic release to enable community
> development of a Qt4 pythonic uic? Or do you anticipate that a pythonic
> uic
> wrtten for Qt3 would be a reasonable starting point for Qt4 support?

PyQt4 will be released in stages - so it might be a few releases before it
becomes useful for most people. The initial releases will certainly be
minus pyuic.

I think supporting Qt3 is a good idea - it should ensure that the
implementation is designed around supporting multple major Qt releases
from the start. I'd happily deprecate the existing pyuic3 once it proved
its worth.


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