[PyKDE] Qt4 and uic - dynamic generation

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.nl
Thu Jul 21 11:42:09 BST 2005


On Thursday 21 July 2005 12:25, Jeremy Sanders wrote:
> Would it be possible for PyQt to have the ability to dynamically interpret
> Qt designer files, and construct dialogs classes from these at runtime?
> This would be much nicer than having to generate Python source code. This
> would be like Glade in GTK.

Not sure if I'd like to do this ...

* I actually like the way it is done right now, you can easily subclass the 
generated python code, and I'm not sure how this should be done when 
using .ui files directly. Furthermore, it might add overhead to do this at 
* It's quite easy right now to create the UI in designer and then just modify 
the code, so that your program is just one file / script and not multiple 
ones. This can ease fiddling with correct pathes in some cases.
* Simon Edwards pykdeextensions [0] already provide functionality to 
automatically compile .ui files at install time
* Learning pyqt/pykde from the generated source code would be much harder if 
possible at all
* The only advantage I see is that one step is saved when developing an .ui 
file, and that one could be easily scripted (just run pyuic foo.ui -o 
foo_ui.py && foo.py, for example)

> Presumably (not having looked at the uic format) this may not be very hard
> to do, given Python's dynamic nature.

I'm unsure what would that buy us.

[0] http://www.simonzone.com/software/pykdeextensions/


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