[PyKDE] Qt4 and uic - dynamic generation

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.co.uk
Thu Jul 21 11:45:10 BST 2005

> On the topic of Qt4 and the uic (sorry - I had my options set to digest in
> text form, so I couldn't keep the references)...
> Would it be possible for PyQt to have the ability to dynamically interpret
> Qt designer files, and construct dialogs classes from these at runtime?
> This would be much nicer than having to generate Python source code. This
> would be like Glade in GTK.
> Presumably (not having looked at the uic format) this may not be very hard
> to do, given Python's dynamic nature.

You can do that now with QWidgetFactory.

Other people can comment on how well this works in a real world PyQt
application. One of the advantages of a pure Python pyuic would be to
address any PyQt specific limitations of QWidgetFactory.


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