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Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Thu Jul 21 14:42:28 BST 2005

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Jeremy Sanders schrieb:
> On the topic of Qt4 and the uic (sorry - I had my options set to digest
> in text form, so I couldn't keep the references)...
> Would it be possible for PyQt to have the ability to dynamically
> interpret Qt designer files, and construct dialogs classes from these at
> runtime? This would be much nicer than having to generate Python source
> code. This would be like Glade in GTK.
> Presumably (not having looked at the uic format) this may not be very
> hard to do, given Python's dynamic nature.
> Jeremy

It could. There is some preliminary code for Qt3 at
and I'll start porting it to Qt4 when work on PyQt4 has begun.

PyQtUI is an implementation of pyuic in Python. It supports both code generation
and creating interfaces from the UI files.

I've posted the code to the list some time ago (in April I guess), but I guess
there are no projects using it. However, Phil has said that pyuic should be
ported to Python for PyQt4. Does that still hold? Using that code, you get the
other mode for free.



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