[PyKDE] pyuic.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close

Jason Zwolak jzwolak at vt.edu
Sun Nov 20 02:55:40 GMT 2005

Okay... more information.  The last email I sent was only partially 
correct.  When I was debugging I forgot to added "{" and "}" around one 
of the one-line if statements, so my debugging messed up the code.

I get the error only when I use pyuic without the "-o" option so that 
stdout is used.  In this case I get the window that says "pyuic.exe has 
encountered a problem and needs to close..."

So I must use the "-o" option.

This is satisfactory for me.  Will you make a note of it in relavent 
documentation such that future Windows developers will readily discover 

Thanks for your help.  You at Riverbank and the folks at Trolltech have 
been very help the past couple months during my evaluation of your 
products.  This gives me great confidence in making a purchase in the 
near future (should I follow through with this project).  This incident 
aside, your software has been of very high quality and a pleasure to use.


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