[PyKDE] PyKDE building and the -j flag (again)

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Fri Apr 14 22:32:58 BST 2006


I'm maintaining the FreeBSD ports for sip/pyqt/pykde. I'm once again having 
problems with the -j flag, but this time not across archs but for i386. On my 
box it works fine, on the FreeBSD build cluster it doesn't. For clarity: I'm 
dependent on the package build runs on the cluster to get feedback on archs I 
dont have, that's everything non-i386 ATM.

Now, I understand what the -j flag does and obviously prefer j=1 where 
possible. In the past I've seen breakage on sparc64 and settled for j=3 
there, and j=2 for other non-i386. This seemed to work, because for a while I 
didn't get any reports from "pointyhat", the ports build cluster. But now I 
get a report that I can't reproduce on my own i386 (P4) box:

 c++ -c -Wno-deprecated-declarations -pipe -fPIC -O -pipe -Wall -W 
-DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -I. -I../extra/kde350 -I/usr/local/include 
-I/usr/local/include/python2.4 -I/usr/X11R6/include -o sipkdecorepart0.o 
/usr/local/include/ktimezones.h: In function `PyObject* 
/usr/local/include/ktimezones.h:191: error: `KTimezone::KTimezone(const 
KTimezone&)' is private
sip/kdecore/ktimezones.sip:209: error: within this context
/usr/local/include/ktimezones.h: In function `void* 
init_KTimezones(sipWrapper*, PyObject*, sipWrapper**)':
/usr/local/include/ktimezones.h:340: error: `KTimezones::KTimezones(const 
KTimezones&)' is private
sipkdecorepart0.cpp:9497: error: within this context
/usr/local/include/ktimezones.h: In function `void* 
init_KTimezone(sipWrapper*, PyObject*, sipWrapper**)':
/usr/local/include/ktimezones.h:191: error: `KTimezone::KTimezone(const 
KTimezone&)' is private
sipkdecorepart0.cpp:10450: error: within this context
sip/kdecore/kmountpoint.sip: In function `PyObject* 
sip/kdecore/kmountpoint.sip:151: warning: taking address of temporary
sipkdecorepart0.cpp: At global scope:
sipkdecorepart0.cpp:34440: warning: unused parameter 'sipPy'
sipkdecorepart0.cpp:34440: warning: unused parameter 'sipIsErr'
sipkdecorepart0.cpp: In function `PyObject* convertFrom_Display(void*)':
sipkdecorepart0.cpp:34478: warning: unused variable 'sipCpp'
sip/kdecore/kconfigbase.sip: In function `PyObject* 
sip/kdecore/kconfigbase.sip:307: warning: unused variable 'LongLong'
sip/kdecore/kwinmodule.sip: In function `PyObject* convertFrom_QValueList_2100
sip/kdecore/kwinmodule.sip:111: warning: unused variable 'inst'
*** Error code 1

On my box it builds fine (updated to latest OS code before, this is FreeBSD6, 
but got same report for 5). In other (earlier on other archs) reports I'd see 
the same thing, not in the same place, indicating some system limit got hit.
I realize that the warnings have nothing to do with the actual build error.

So if the number of "chunks" (-j) matters that much, I figure that certain 
system limits are dependent of system resources like RAM. 

Is this correct? Any suggestions on how I can prevent these problems (maybe 
just set j sufficiently high for all archs and FreeBSD versions)? How do 
other (source) packagers deal with this? 

Thanks very much for any guidance. The fbsd ports people either don't know or 
don't care, I've asked about this there several times. I need to fix this in 
some sustainable way.


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