[PyKDE] PyKDE building and the -j flag (again)

Torsten Marek shlomme at gmx.net
Fri Apr 14 22:54:09 BST 2006

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Danny Pansters wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm maintaining the FreeBSD ports for sip/pyqt/pykde. I'm once again having 
> problems with the -j flag, but this time not across archs but for i386. On my 
> box it works fine, on the FreeBSD build cluster it doesn't. For clarity: I'm 
> dependent on the package build runs on the cluster to get feedback on archs I 
> dont have, that's everything non-i386 ATM.
> Now, I understand what the -j flag does and obviously prefer j=1 where 
> possible. In the past I've seen breakage on sparc64 and settled for j=3 
> there, and j=2 for other non-i386. This seemed to work, because for a while I 
> didn't get any reports from "pointyhat", the ports build cluster. But now I 
> get a report that I can't reproduce on my own i386 (P4) box:
>  c++ -c -Wno-deprecated-declarations -pipe -fPIC -O -pipe -Wall -W 
> -DQT_NO_DEBUG -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -I. -I../extra/kde350 -I/usr/local/include 
> -I/usr/local/include/python2.4 -I/usr/X11R6/include -o sipkdecorepart0.o 
> sipkdecorepart0.cpp
> /usr/local/include/ktimezones.h: In function `PyObject* 
> convertFrom_ZoneMap(void*)':
> /usr/local/include/ktimezones.h:191: error: `KTimezone::KTimezone(const 
> KTimezone&)' is private
> sip/kdecore/ktimezones.sip:209: error: within this context
> /usr/local/include/ktimezones.h: In function `void* 
> init_KTimezones(sipWrapper*, PyObject*, sipWrapper**)':
> /usr/local/include/ktimezones.h:340: error: `KTimezones::KTimezones(const 
> KTimezones&)' is private
> sipkdecorepart0.cpp:9497: error: within this context
> /usr/local/include/ktimezones.h: In function `void* 
> init_KTimezone(sipWrapper*, PyObject*, sipWrapper**)':
> /usr/local/include/ktimezones.h:191: error: `KTimezone::KTimezone(const 
> KTimezone&)' is private
> sipkdecorepart0.cpp:10450: error: within this context
> sip/kdecore/kmountpoint.sip: In function `PyObject* 
> convertFrom_KMountPoint_List(void*)':
> sip/kdecore/kmountpoint.sip:151: warning: taking address of temporary
> sipkdecorepart0.cpp: At global scope:
> sipkdecorepart0.cpp:34440: warning: unused parameter 'sipPy'
> sipkdecorepart0.cpp:34440: warning: unused parameter 'sipIsErr'
> sipkdecorepart0.cpp: In function `PyObject* convertFrom_Display(void*)':
> sipkdecorepart0.cpp:34478: warning: unused variable 'sipCpp'
> sip/kdecore/kconfigbase.sip: In function `PyObject* 
> convertFrom_ulonglong(void*)':
> sip/kdecore/kconfigbase.sip:307: warning: unused variable 'LongLong'
> sip/kdecore/kwinmodule.sip: In function `PyObject* convertFrom_QValueList_2100
> (void*)':
> sip/kdecore/kwinmodule.sip:111: warning: unused variable 'inst'
> *** Error code 1
> On my box it builds fine (updated to latest OS code before, this is FreeBSD6, 
> but got same report for 5). In other (earlier on other archs) reports I'd see 
> the same thing, not in the same place, indicating some system limit got hit.
> I realize that the warnings have nothing to do with the actual build error.
> So if the number of "chunks" (-j) matters that much, I figure that certain 
> system limits are dependent of system resources like RAM. 
> Is this correct? Any suggestions on how I can prevent these problems (maybe 
> just set j sufficiently high for all archs and FreeBSD versions)? How do 
> other (source) packagers deal with this? 
> Thanks very much for any guidance. The fbsd ports people either don't know or 
> don't care, I've asked about this there several times. I need to fix this in 
> some sustainable way.


just as a quick guess, are the versions of sip the same?
As far as system resources are concerned, g++ 4.0 (the C++ compiler I assume you
are using) takes up huge amounts of memory (several hundreds of megabytes) when
compiling anything sip-related (at least on my system...), and I use -j4 for all
Debian builds by default right now.

best regards

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