[PyKDE] Qt 4.2: QMenu: X Error: BadValue

Chris Giles chris.g.27 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 10:26:47 GMT 2006

This is a followup email on the one I sent weeks ago entitled "PyQt 4.1:
QMenu: X Error: BadValue".  Indented below is what I wrote originally.

Every time I click on a QMenu item, the following error is sent to stdout:
X Error: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) 2
  Major opcode: 12 (X_ConfigureWindow)
  Resource id:  0x0

I've since realised that a Qt4 setting is causing the error.  I played
around in the "Qt4 Configuration" program and changed a setting and I'm no
longer getting the above error message.  Setting "Interface --> GUI Effects
--> Menu Effect" to "Animate" can cause the above error.  To prevent this,
try setting "Menu Effect" to "Fade" instead.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?  If so, which denomination of Linux
are you running?  I'm using FC6 here.
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