[PyKDE] short PyKDE code which worked under KDE 3.3.x but crashes under 3.5.2/ 3.5.3

Mateusz Korniak mateusz at ant.gliwice.pl
Sat Jun 3 14:08:05 BST 2006

On Saturday 03 June 2006 00:34, Jim Bublitz wrote:
> I get a failure here too with KDE 3.5.2, but not with 3.4.2.
> The backtrace indicates the crash is occurring pretty deep within the C++
> code, so if it's a PyKDE problem it's going to be difficult to find. It's
> hard to see how it could be a PyKDE problem though - the URL appears to be
> fetched and the 404 page rendered in the instant before the crash, and
> everything is happening in the C++ world at that point.
> I'd try a C++ version and see if that works.

I'm not C++/KDE programmer (I find PyKDE best way to do task ;) )
so I reported is as bug as it is.


Let's see if KDE guys would find it usefull.

Mateusz Korniak

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