[PyKDE] sip searchs incorrectly for qmail specs

Hai Zaar haizaar at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 10:59:23 GMT 2006

> To give you an idea how Debian does that. This way you can safely set
> QTDIR to /usr/share/qt3 and Qt still finds includes, libs, plugins and
> so on.
Yes, but the original problem was that sip could not find qmake specs,
once it found and read them, it had no troubles finding, say,
libraries directly in /usr/lib according to those specs.

Anyway - this problem looks like distro-specific one and I do not want
to waste your time.
The bottom line is that:
1. My qt is isntalled with:
         libs at /usr/lib
         included at /usr/include/qt
         shared data at /usr/share/qt
   and for me it looks very natural and FHS-like
2. For some reason, sip failed to detect qmake.specs at
/usr/share/qt/mkspecs/default/ and I've (brutally) fixed it.

>From here:
1. Is think my qt installtion is find, and I prefer to patch sip,
rather then creating non-standart (from LFS point of view) links
around qt.
2. I just wanted to let you guys know that sip + qt-LFS-way do not
stick together 'as is'. But its up to you to decide whether you are
going to do anything about this - I'm not encouraging you to go LFS
way (although I like it).

> Andreas
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> You will be imprisoned for contributing your time and skill to a bank robbery.


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