[PyKDE] sip searchs incorrectly for qmail specs

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Mar 2 11:33:23 GMT 2006

On 02.03.06 12:59:23, Hai Zaar wrote:
> > To give you an idea how Debian does that. This way you can safely set
> > QTDIR to /usr/share/qt3 and Qt still finds includes, libs, plugins and
> > so on.
> Yes, but the original problem was that sip could not find qmake specs,

Right and that was caused by you not setting the QTDIR variable
properly. QTDIR should point to /usr/share/qt not /usr.

> The bottom line is that:
> 1. My qt is isntalled with:
>          libs at /usr/lib
>          included at /usr/include/qt
>          shared data at /usr/share/qt
>    and for me it looks very natural and FHS-like

It's the same here.

> 2. For some reason, sip failed to detect qmake.specs at
> /usr/share/qt/mkspecs/default/ and I've (brutally) fixed it.

You can force sip's configure to find your Qt3 either by using QTDIR
variable or using the -q switch. Either has to point to /usr/share/qt in
your case.


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