[PyKDE] also about pyqt

Diez B. Roggisch deets at web.de
Tue Mar 14 15:34:13 GMT 2006

> dist/hello
> dist/pcre.so
> dist/pwdmodule.so
> dist/strop.so"
> please explain how to build an rpm-package from that files

I've got debian, I don't need no RPM. 

The purpose of cx is to create a distribution-independent format, by bundling 
executables and libs and the like. It is _not_ there to create RPMs or other 
distribution-dependend installation files. Because that wouldn't make much 
sense - I for example can install the whole PyQt stuff with a simple

apt-get install pyqt

so I don't need a debian package containing all that stuff again. Instead, I 
need a debian package that has the proper dependencies set. The same is true 
for RPM-based systems.

And besides: this is the pyQt mailing list. While I doubt that someone will 
object you asking cxFreeze-questions here, you most likely will get better 
help on cxFreeze own mailing list.


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