[PyKDE] Eric3 python shell and debugger don't work for PyQt4

张毅 (Izico Chang) izicochang at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 13:44:23 GMT 2006

Hi,I'm new here.

I've downloaded all the snapshots from
http://www.die-offenbachs.de/detlev/snapshots/ and
http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/Downloads/Snapshots,and the newest
ones there i've tried are:


Eric3 now work with both PyQt3 and PyQt4 in editor mode.
But the python shell run commands without any output,both in conole
and shell subwindow.
and the Debug don't work too,no any response to my click.

In my Gentoo box,the native Gentoo packages:
worked well with many Qscintilla and Eric3 versions I've
downloaded,but they don't work with PyQt4.

I've seen that Eric3 spawn two python process,one is
eric3.py,this process worked well in both case,but this one DebugClient.py
only run well in sip4.3.2,and when in sip-snapshot-20060317, ps -elf
just show a defunct python process,should i have to debug this long

Thanks for anyone who can help me in this,it's not productive for me
to trace the problem as a newcommer to this field,i need your expert's
advice to let me use eric3 to develop PyQt4 programs as quickly as

Overall,Eric3 is maybe the best Python IDE i tried by now,but should
Eric3 have some Vi key bindings? Visual SlickEdit has good Vi key
binding support,so it's maybe the only IDE i used sometimes(i love its
refactoring for C++ too),as a long time Vi user,one key point when i
select one IDE is if it has some kind of Vi key bindings support.

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