[PyKDE] How To Publish a pyqt application

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Tue Mar 28 12:52:38 BST 2006

V. Armando Sole <sole at esrf.fr> wrote:

>> thanks for that nice mailling-list ; and also pyqt .
>> but i have a serious problem with pyqt.
>> the problem is that i can't (or i don't know how to) publish my
>> applications written using pyqt .
>> as you know every pyqt application begins with from qt import * and qt
>> itself imports sip and qscintilla .
>> so if i give my .py application to some one who has only linux installed
>> with python it won't work because he don't have pyqt installed
>> i have tried cx-freeze in order to build a binary executable but it comes
>> with a lot of errors .
> I use cx_freeze on windows and on linux and it is simply the easiest for
> the end user. I distribute binaries build under SuSE 8.2 and they work on
> any linux flavour around. The main source or error coming from your code
> the reading of (non python) files. You have to find out where your frozen
> version is looking for them (just a couple of prints before each file load
> should give you a hint about where it is looking for them).
> Some libraries will not be found and you will have to add them by hand.
> that you will see it from the reported errors.
> My advice is that you should not give up and keep trying with cx_freeze.

Also PyInstaller works under Linux.
Giovanni Bajo

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