[PyKDE] Eric3 user interface

Jürgen Urner jUrner at arcor.de
Tue Mar 28 23:05:58 BST 2006

Currently struggeling a bit with eric ide.

I've noticed some rough edges wich might be not too hard to clear out
if not done already.

The version I use is 3.7.0, so some of them may be alreaddy pronounced.

x. Debug --> Run Script
    asks always for permission to save the script.
    This is pretty unnecessary. Better would be to try to save it 
anyway. Throw
    an exception if it can't be saved. I as a user expect to debug the 
script in its
    current state not in unsaved state. Most of the time I end up 
hitting enter one
    time too often when the dialog is not popping up cos the script has 
already been saved,
    wich gives a pretty error prone newline somewhere in the middle of 
    A good way to handle this is an option <x automatically save open 
files on exec>

x. Having a dialog box popping up when eric detects a currently open 
file has been changed
    outside the application is not very handy. An option <x 
automatically reload files if changed
    outside the application> would be better.

x. Its a bit irritating in splitter layout having these docking windows 
    one open and one close when I trigger a script. Nice to have the 
exception at hand,
    but a pain for the eyes. I would prefere the left and right panes 
just keeping the
    size I put them to. Shaking the source code once from right to left 
is making me dizzy :-)

Would be nice if these issues could be fixed. Would make the interface 
I know, writing an editor is pretty hard, writing a whole ide is 
somewhere close
to suicide for a man on its own.


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