[PyKDE] Eric3 user interface

Jürgen Urner jUrner at arcor.de
Wed Mar 29 22:42:26 BST 2006

Detlev Offenbach wrote:

>>x. Its a bit irritating in splitter layout having these docking windows
>>    one open and one close when I trigger a script. Nice to have the
>>exception at hand,
>>    but a pain for the eyes. I would prefere the left and right panes
>>just keeping the
>>    size I put them to. Shaking the source code once from right to left
>>is making me dizzy :-)
>Splitter layout will vanish in eric4. eric3 has two operating modes, debug and 
>edit. For both modes you can set which windows should be shown and where they 
>should be placed. Carefully arranged, you can avoid the observed behavior.
Maybe a good idea, maybe not. Docking windows are always a bit tricky to 
Splitter windows are the most minimal approach to get all those windows 
arranged, no
headers, no additinal controls. Space is precious on single monitor systems.
The docking layout is hardly usable. But dono what you plan for eric4.

>Please try a more recent version and see, if it better fits your needs.

I did, running now 3.8.2.
BTW. There is another option I would like to put on the wishlist.
The popup when running a script, asking for environment. If you are coding
commandline apps its ok, if you are coding libraries its rarely needed.
<x popup environment options on exec> could do the job with an x as 

    Thanks Jürgen

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