[PyQt] Re: i18n() in pyKDE -- some strings remain untranslated

Henrik Pauli ralesk at muszaki.info
Fri Mar 23 18:32:48 GMT 2007

Okay, weird as that is, some fields were fuzzy.  As such, they didn't end up 
in the .mo file — howeverrrrr one of the “Don't”s wasn’t fuzzy and was 
included in the .mo file, yet still remained untranslated… Tags button the 
same way.

And I only had a file in the personal folder for the Hungarian translation, 
yet i0ngunn3r’s Russian translation (only present in the global locale 
directory) showed the same syndromes…

Needless to say, I resaved the .mo with all fuzzies unfuzzied, saved it to 
BOTH places just to be sure, and it works... for the Hungarian.  Then I 
messed with the Russian, unfuzzying stuff, and I also deleted my personal 
files so they don't mess with the world — manually overwrote the global 
files, they do contain the ‘Tags…’ button and translation for Ctrl+F (so 
Russians don’t have to switch layouts) and they again refuse to work for some 
obscure reason!  (Committed revision 110 with these changes, by the way)

Maybe it was indeed an oversight — but now the global place is the only one 
where we have translations on my system…  At least as far as I know

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