[PyQt] Re: i18n() in pyKDE -- some strings remain untranslated

Henrik Pauli ralesk at muszaki.info
Mon Mar 26 17:54:19 BST 2007

On 2007. március 23., Henrik Pauli wrote:
> manually overwrote the global
> files, they do contain the ‘Tags…’ button and translation for Ctrl+F (so
> Russians don’t have to switch layouts) and they again refuse to work for
> some obscure reason!  (Committed revision 110 with these changes, by the
> way)
> Maybe it was indeed an oversight — but now the global place is the only one
> where we have translations on my system…  At least as far as I know

As an addendum to this — now things on my file system are as clean as 
possible, and indeed it seems that the high-UTF8-containing source strings 
(curly apostrophes, horizontal ellipses, etc.) are the culprit.  As of 
revision 111, the strings have gotten back their “fancy” display and none of 
those affected work.

However, the Ctrl+F one still not working still doesn’t make any sense — and 
is a separate issue.

Anyone from the “crew” with any idea?


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