[PyQt] qtrc? other options?

Matt Newell newellm at blur.com
Fri Mar 23 19:06:54 GMT 2007

On Friday 23 March 2007 08:45, Kerri Reno wrote:
> I'm trying to set up my application to run on the server with a very
> thin client.  I want only my window to show, not a wrapping window.
> I've been trying to make this work with NX from www.nomachine.com.  It
> does run my application, without a surrounding window, but where it's
> getting the theme or style from, I don't know.  It's rather ugly.  (I've
> got my application set to the 'cleanlooks' style, but there's no place I
> can see to change the colors.  It comes up medium gray with highlighting
> in dark blue).  I tried setting up a qtrc file, then I found that QT4
> doesn't use qtrc.  I can get a nice looking theme/style, but I have to
> have a window manager running, which sets up either a desktop or
> surrounding window.
> Does anyone have any experience with this, and can point me in the right
> direction?
> Kerri

Try calling QApplication.setPalette(...) with a palette of your choosing.


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