[PyQt] qtrc? other options?

Kerri Reno kreno at yumaed.org
Fri Mar 23 15:45:13 GMT 2007

I'm trying to set up my application to run on the server with a very 
thin client.  I want only my window to show, not a wrapping window.  
I've been trying to make this work with NX from www.nomachine.com.  It 
does run my application, without a surrounding window, but where it's 
getting the theme or style from, I don't know.  It's rather ugly.  (I've 
got my application set to the 'cleanlooks' style, but there's no place I 
can see to change the colors.  It comes up medium gray with highlighting 
in dark blue).  I tried setting up a qtrc file, then I found that QT4 
doesn't use qtrc.  I can get a nice looking theme/style, but I have to 
have a window manager running, which sets up either a desktop or 
surrounding window.

Does anyone have any experience with this, and can point me in the right 


Yuma Educational Computer Consortium
Compass Development Team
Kerri Reno
kreno at yumaed.org      (928) 502-4240

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