[PyQt] installing eric4 on mandriva for dummies - help needed

kim gerdes kmgrds at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 18:21:57 BST 2007

> > i tried also again by rpm and when everything is installed, including
> > libqt4-devel  and python-qt4-gui, and i start eric4 i get again:
> >
> > Traceback (most recent call last):
> >   File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/eric4/eric4.py", line 22, in
> > <module> from PyQt4.QtGui import QApplication, QErrorMessage
> > ImportError: /usr/lib/qt4/lib/libQtGui.so.4: undefined symbol:
> > XRRFreeScreenResources
> > QApplication seems to in the libqt4-devel package which includes the
> > file /usr/lib/qt4/include/Qt/qapplication.h
> >
> > but where does this error come from?
> It's the loader trying to resolve the symbols used by the different shared
> libraries it is loading when the application starts. The problem is with the
> Mandriva build of Qt4 - report the problem to them.

thank you again for your answer.

ok, well i think there's nothing more i can do about it then.

the strange thing is that googling for XRRFreeScreenResources and
mandriva gives only one russian and one turkish site... so not many
people seem to have encountered the problem. moreover the rest of qt4
(designer etc) seems to work perfectly.

> > hope i'll get another hint that gets me going again!
> >
> >
> >
> > two other, more general questions:
> >
> > 1. how is it possible that all the mandriva qscintilla, pyqt etc rpms
> > don't put the libpython2.5-devel in their dependencies? is there a
> > good reason not to do it, or is it just an error?
> A question for Mandriva.
> > 2. i wonder why it's so difficult to install this stuff. is it so
> > complicated/tedious to make one big eric4 tarball that i can unzip and
> > use? i thought that one advantage of free software is precisely that
> > other people can use, adapt, and redistribute the stuff ad gusto...
> > - or maybe it's just that no one but me would find such a tarball helpful?
> One advantage of free software is that if you want something done then you can
> do it yourself.

:-)  - i wish i could...

my question was in fact more about rights and technics, not a complaint:
many programs come as rpm-like distribution packages, as source
packages, and as precompiled packages just zipped together that work
on many distributions. i just wondered why this doesn't exist for
maybe the special licences make it necessary to break it up in so many
subpackages? or the resulting tarball would be too big to be
distributed easily?
or is it really that usual eric users also know c compiling, package
dependency stuff and shell variable tweaking well and there is no use
for a fool proof distribution? it's quite possible.

don't get me wrong: i completely understand that developers are not
always interested in (or free for) easy distribution of their work.

well, i hoped to get the qt4 version going. - i just love programming
in python and qt but maybe eric and all that is just for people who
know more than me  :-(

thanks again for the quick answers


ps: after all that trying even my eric3 is no longer working :-)  -
the night is young...

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