[PyQt] Problem linking PyQt 4.3.3 on OS X 10.4]

Darryl Wallace darryl.wallace at prosensus.ca
Thu Apr 10 19:41:27 BST 2008

Hello Dylan,

I had a similar error with QtOpenGL.so when compiling PyQt4 on the OSX.
This occured while running 'make' and I had to go into the folder 
/QtOpenGL and edit the MakeFile.

I had to find the line that started with LFLAG and add "-flat_namespace 
-undefined suppress"   at the end (without the quotes).

Perhaps this will work when the error is on QtCore.so.  I don't remember 
the cause of this problem, however.

The tip was found on this blog giving a brief tutorial on building Qt4 
and PyQt on Mac OSX:

There is a comment near the bottom by someone named "Dexter" who gives 
the above solution.

Did you install Qt4 from the .dmg package?


Dylan Trotter wrote:
> I'm getting undefined symbols when I try to compile PyQt on OS X. The 
> error
> message is identical to the one mentioned in this thread:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/pyqt@riverbankcomputing.com/msg11309.html
> I've tried PyQt 4.3.3 with Qt 4.3.4 and 4.3.3 with no success. Has anyone
> encountered this and found a solution?
> Thanks,
> -dt
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