[PyQt] problems with QTextBrowser

Dusan Zatkovsky msk.conf at seznam.cz
Wed Apr 16 08:52:14 BST 2008

On Tue 15. April 2008 21:52:08 Aaron Digulla wrote:
> I have no idea; the code looks good and should do what you expect. Some
> tips to debug this: Query the textBrowser for its contents right after
> setHtml() with getText() and getHtml().

After setHtml(), textbrowser returns QString with the same content on toHtml() 
and empty QString on toPlainText().

I have tried "print repr ( html )" and it prints strange charracters ( 
<\x00h\x00t\x00m\x00l\x00>\x00<\x00h ... ). Couldn't be problem there?

> Also, which version of Python, Qt and PyQt are you using?

Python		2.5.2
python-qt4	4.3.3-2ubuntu4
libqt4-core	4.3.4-0ubuntu3


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