[PyQt] ANN: new framework based on PyQt released

Bruno Tikami bruno at tikami.com.br
Wed Apr 23 16:06:36 BST 2008

Hi Nabil,

I've just read your e-mail and a little of the docs and they sound great! I
mean, it looks extremely flexible. As I didn't have time enough to read
through the docs, I'm gonna ask you, does PyDADL support Qt4 Designer XML
(.ui file) to describe the client's UI ? It would be really nice :D

Cheers and congrats!


On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 11:21 PM, Nabil SEFRIOUI <admin at osmium-work.com>

> Hello,
> A new framework named PyDADL is available at :
> http://pydadl.sourceforge.net/
> PyDADL stands for Python Distributed Application Development Library, it's
> a
> framework that aims to be a helper for GUI development and deployment.
> works like a web application, the server holds almost everything and the
> client receives UI descriptions in XML format and initiates the UI objects
> on
> the fly. Callback functions are executed on the server via the XML-RPC
> protocol. It is also possible to execute code in the client side like
> javascript in a web browser. The difference between a web application and
> a
> PyDADL application is that the client is not a browser but a native GUI,
> you
> benefit from the advantages of a web application and the flexibility of a
> native graphical interface.
> You use PyDADL by writing XML files that describes the GUI parts and you
> write
> Python code for all the rest (server callbacks and client side code). You
> can
> arrange your server code freely in different files and folders as if you
> write a Python module. At the client side, in addition to the available
> widgets, you can write custom widgets by subclassing PyDADL widget classes
> or
> create your own classes that derives directly from Qt classes and
> intergrate
> them in the UI. You can also use PyDADL internal API directly in your code
> to
> create dynamic UI.
> For the database part, PyDADL supports only the MySQL server but the
> architecture for adding others databases engines is already present. There
> is
> a SQLite driver but it is not very well tested. PyDADL doesn't automate
> the
> creation of databases and tables, it is up to you to design your database.
> PyDADL offers a set of DAO classes that abstract the access to data, you
> can
> use your databases without writing SQL queries, but if you want to do so,
> you
> can.
> Testing, comments and suggestions are welcome.
> Nabil,
> Cheers.
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