[PyQt] ANN: new framework based on PyQt released

Nabil SEFRIOUI admin at osmium-work.com
Thu Apr 24 01:38:45 BST 2008

Hi Bruno,

The Qt Designer .ui files are not directly supported by PyDADL, but you can 
use them via the uic Python module. 
You could retrieve the content of a .ui file from the server and use loadUi() 
function from the uic module to initiate the UI class and show this class. 
The PyDADL client main window derives from a QMainWindow and has a QMdiArea 
as a central widget, so all dialogs are shown within the MDI area.

I'm working on a better integration of the Designer .ui files...

Thank you for your feedback,

On Wednesday 23 April 2008 15:06, Bruno Tikami wrote:
> Hi Nabil,
> I've just read your e-mail and a little of the docs and they sound great! I
> mean, it looks extremely flexible. As I didn't have time enough to read
> through the docs, I'm gonna ask you, does PyDADL support Qt4 Designer XML
> (.ui file) to describe the client's UI ? It would be really nice :D
> Cheers and congrats!
> Tkm

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