[PyQt] SIP problem -- multiple /Out/ args?

Jim Crowell jaclists at mailbolt.com
Thu Jan 17 19:13:45 GMT 2008

I'm using SIP 4.7.3.

The following method specification in my .sip file:

  int receiveMessage(string* userName /Out/, string* messageType /Out/,
                      string* messageBody /Out/, string* context /Out/)
                      /ReleaseGIL/ ;

Yields the following in the generated code:

    int sipRes;
    PyObject *sipResult;
    a0 = new string();
    PyObject *sipResult;
    a1 = new string();
    PyObject *sipResult;
    a2 = new string();
    PyObject *sipResult;
    a3 = new string();

i.e. sipResult is multiply defined, so of course it doesn't compile.

-Jim C.

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